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All classes are sponsored by the Fort Wayne Artists Guild. They are being held at the

Gallery at Jefferson Pointe, on West Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 

Under the orange awnings between Eddie Bauer and Beer Barrel Pizza

Get information for each class below and either sign up online or

print and fill out a registration form and mail it in with payment. 


Tonalistic Approach to Painting by Avon Waters

SAT. April 29, 2023 from 9am - 4pm

Fundamentals of Tonalism, a workshop by Avon Waters, introduces the concepts that make paintings in any medium tonal. The workshop explores the differences between value, chroma, and color hue (shades, tones of color and saturation). The morning will begin with some demos and discussion on why Tonalism is so much different than just using colors of a similar hue. The rest of the time will be spent trying to learn to apply the tonal concepts in your own medium. It is a great introduction into basic color theory for the beginner, and offers the intermediate a deeper understanding how to control color and value, no matter what “ism” style they prefer to paint. 


Tonalism is a uniquely American art form, much as Jazz is a unique American art form of music. The Tonalist period is considered to be from 1880-1920 but in the last few years has become popular and remade by our modern materials. Avon will work in pastel, but all mediums are welcome."

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