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Board Members and Committee Chairs:

President   |   John C. Kelty 


Vice President  |  Hilarie Couture  


Secretary  |  Linda Flatley    


Treasurer  |  Sandra McGill   


Membership Chair  |  Lylanne Musselman


Artwork Exhibition Coordinator  |  Nancy Longmate


Arts United Representative  |  Darlene Selzer-Miller 


Historian   |  Stacia Alexander


Newsletter  |  Terri Buchholz


Publicity Co-Chairs   |   Susan Wenger 


Kekionga Plein Air Event Co-Chairs   |   Sandra McGill and Susan Wenger


Pop-Up Gallery Chair   |   Sandra McGill 


Plein Air Coordinator   |   Karen Harvey


Website   |   Darlene Selzer-Miller, Terri Buchholz and Alex Hall


Facebook   |   Darlene Selzer-Miller, John Kelty and Stacia Alexander


Facebook Members Only Page  |  Amanda Black, Terri Buchholz, and Darlene Selzer-Miller


Programs   |   Hilarie Couture