Board Members and Committee Chairs:

President   |   John C. Kelty 


Vice President  |  Dianna Burt   


Secretary  |  Linda Flatley    


Treasurer  |  Sandra McGill   


Membership Chair  |  Lylanne Musselman


Artwork Exhibition Coordinator  |  Nancy Longmate


Arts United Representative  |  Darlene Selzer-Miller 


Historian   |  Stacia Alexander


Newsletter  |  Terri Buchholz


Publicity Co-Chairs   |   Susan Wenger and Linda Flatley


Kekionga Plein Air Event Co-Chairs   |   Sandra McGill, Susan Wenger, and Dianna Burt


Pop-Up Gallery Chair   |   Sandra McGill 


Plein Air Coordinator   |   Karen Harvey


Website   |   Darlene Selzer-Miller, Terri Buchholz and Alex Hall


Facebook   |   Darlene Selzer-Miller, John Kelty and Stacia Alexander


Facebook Members Only Page  |  Amanda Black, Terri Buchholz, and Darlene Selzer-Miller


Programs   |   Dianna Burt


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The Fort Wayne Artists Guild is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization formed to promote interest in the fine arts, to further members’ artistic knowledge, and to encourage

fellowship among members of the Guild and the arts community at large.