NOVEMBER 17 , 2021 6pm 

November Meeting/Allen County Public Library
Cassidy Bueter, Member 

Cassidy Bueter is a digital illustrator and animator who graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a bachelor's in animation. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 6pm 

September Meeting/Allen County Public Library
Thomas and Dan Woodson 

Muncie brothers, master landscape artists, Dan and Thomas Woodson will be the featured presentation for the 6 p.m. Sept. 15 FWAG meeting. Tom will work on a painting while Dan explains how they approach both their plein air and studio art. Dan is a great story teller, and has managed to overcome his color blindness which lets him see very few colors. He and his brother have been painting together for about 20 years. Expect him to share how they decide what to paint and how each ends up with a unique vision when done. He was the original founder of the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association.