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Plein Air 

You can see where we are scheduled to paint next here.


Be sure and check back in case of any changes.  

Plein Air Painting Equipment

The key to plein air painting is to have a light weight painting kit that you can just grab and go. Everything in a backpack and a few other pieces so that it's easy. No need to take the proverbial kitchen sink. Overloading yourself with too much stuff is a sure way to kill the joy of the experience and make it less likely that you will do it again and again- So here are the essentials:

Join our informal group of members as we enjoy the beauty of painting in the great outdoors. Please click the link above for a printable version of the schedule, and for more information read the rest of the page to the left for some useful tips.  We hope that you can join us!

Not Monet ? 

Come out and play! Does plein air painting sound a little intimidating? Do I need special gear? What if I don’t see anything to paint? Can I just bring a camera then retreat to my studio? Just come out and play. Start out with a sketchbook. Make some studies and color notes. You might see so much, you don’t know where to start. Pretty soon you’ll learn how to pick and choose - to simply. You’ll notice shadows and highlights changing, and you’ll learn to nail down what caught your eye in the first place. Best of all, you’ll see colors and nuances that you can’t take home in the camera. Is every plein air piece worthy of a frame or show entry? Probably not, but you always learn something to take back to the studio and to the next plein air site


Approximate starting time 8 am In case of rain or inclement weather The Plein Air group would not meet.



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